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If you suffer from chronic headaches, you’re not alone — nine out of 10 Americans get regular headaches and, too often, they merely mask the symptoms instead of fixing the problem. At Cornerstone Integrated Healthcare, Dr. Jeffre Price and his team find the cause of your headaches and work to eliminate it. If you live in or near North Port, Florida, and are spending too much time dealing with your headaches, it’s time to find help. Call Dr. Price’s office today to schedule or book your appointment online.

Headache Q & A

What causes headaches?

A variety of things can cause headaches, from food allergies to overstimulation. In the majority of cases, muscle tension in the neck causes headaches.

Because so many people work at computers and spend their days sitting or in sedentary positions, their posture and spinal health suffer. Over time, this leads to joint irritation and muscle tension in the neck, back, and scalp. All this stress leads to one significant side effect: headaches.

However, not all headaches are caused by muscle tension. Many headaches are the result of a misaligned spine putting pressure on your nerves.

What are headache symptoms?

Headache symptoms differ from person to person, and sometimes even headache to headache. They may throb and pound, or they could be just a dull ache. Headaches can sometimes be debilitating, while at other times they’re simply irritating.

Common headache symptoms include:

  • Pressure to the head or neck
  • Sore scalp
  • Feeling like there’s a tight band compressing your head

Migraine headaches have their own unique set of symptoms, including severe pain on one side of the head, an upset stomach, and visual disturbances. When you have an active migraine, you may experience sensitivity to light and sound.

How are headaches treated?

You can rest and take over-the-counter medication when you get a headache, but that won’t reduce the frequency or severity of your headaches.

However, with spinal manipulation, you can reduce the severity of headaches and how often they occur. That's especially true when it comes to tension headaches, headaches that start in the neck, and some migraines.

Beyond spinal adjustments, Dr. Price may also recommend medical massage to help relax muscles, reduce stress, and eliminate headaches.

He may also suggest things you can do at home to help decrease the frequency and severity of your headaches. That includes:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Getting up every 30-60 minutes and moving
  • Engaging in stress relieving activities
  • Practice deep stretching or yoga

If you suffer from chronic headaches, it’s time to fix the problem, not just treat your symptoms. Call Dr. Price’s office today to schedule your appointment or book online now.